About our Firm


Value Adding

We will add value to your business and organisation by addressing legal risks before they develop into real problems. This will enable us to not only assist you on a commercial level but also to integrate this with our specialised legal knowledge to bring you the best solutions and outcomes.

Customised Services

We provide industry and client-specific legal services and advise clients on how best to utilise the law to benefit their businesses and organisations. We recognised that clients’ needs extend beyond pure legal advice, the assistance provided must support the commercial operations of an organisation and must be conducive to seamless implementation.


In instances where problems escalate to litigation, we are well equipped to deal with disputes on any level and in any Forum or Tribunal. We are also conversant with the Rules that apply to the conduct of proceedings in the Magistrates Courts, High Courts, Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court as well as to Industry Specific Regulatory Bodies and Ombudsman.


We resolve matters speedily and with the highest degree of professionalism and competence. Because of our competence we do not spend unnecessary long hours in dealing with matters and as a result our services are cost effective.

Shorter Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time to respond to any queries or communication is 24 hours. Urgent matters are given immediate attention and are attended to with the urgency they require. We have offices both in Johannesburg and Klerksdorp and we will be able to attend to any urgent matters that may arise and come to your premises at short notice.

Effective Feedback

We have effective means of communication (emails, cell phones, land lines and fax) to ensure that you are able to reach us at all times. We report to clients twice a month and ensure that clients are updated on every progress and stage of each matter. We keep ourselves updated with legislative amendments and case law that have an impact on the business, operation and mandate of our clients and we undertake to provide such updates to you.